High Availability

NO DOWNTIME If a server fails or a disaster strikes, how fast can you be back up and running?

– 5 MINUTES! –

Placing an onQ™ appliance on your local network provides complete One-Click High Availability.  If any of your protected servers goes off-line for any reason, your administrator will be alerted and with a single click the onQ™ virtual Recovery Node(s) will transparently take over.  Your users will be reconnected to their applications and data within minutes.  With our super-efficient incremental updates and always-current merge technology, your recovery nodes’ applications and data can be as current as 15 minutes (RPO as little as 15 minutes).

Quorum onQ is the hottest total availability solution in the market today. It’s an all-in-one appliance offering one-click recovery of data. Plus, onQ is simple and priced for SMB budgets

Network Technology Supervisor, NEX-TECH

“Not only does onQ provide complete copies of our servers, but if the servers go down, we can boot a virtual server within 5-10 minutes and seamlessly recover our data!”

Vice President and IT Manager, Marquette Savings Bank

“Tapes are not as reliable, and you don’t know how good your backup is until you need it. With onQ, before you have time to think about it, it [your data] is restored – it’s brilliant.  Moving away from tape restore is a big plus for us.”

IT Manager, Weddel Swift

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