Spam Filtering

Red Condor’s solutions deliver superior protection, ensure email delivery, improve operational efficiency and lower your IT costs and overhead. Businesses are making the switch to Red Condor’s award-winning solution every day. If your email is important, it deserves the best protection possible. And that means Red Condor. Simple, affordable, reliable, accurate, scalable, secure. It just doesn’t get any better than Red Condor.

With other providers, you have to choose between a network appliance or hosted service, but not with Red Condor. We are the only email security technology that is available as a hosted service, a network appliance, or a hybrid appliance – combining the best of both platforms:

Red Condor benefits include:

Hosted ServiceHosted Service: Let Red Condor do all the work. With our hosted service, you can get the benefits of our technology immediately, and you don’t have to install any software or hardware. Nothing to install on servers, nothing to install on desktops. No manuals to read, no technical training to attend, no downtime. We do it all for you, and you reap the benefits of safe, secure email.

Network Appliances: Red Condor’s Message Assurance Gateway (MAG) network appliances provide high-performance localized protection of email systems and users for larger organizations and enterprises. MAG-series network appliances are non-disruptive, standalone devices compatible with all email servers, systems, and client software. They work without the need for any software to be installed or updated on any servers or client computers. 

VX TechnologyTrue Hybrid Appliance with Built-In Redundancy: Fault-tolerant operation that automatically redirects your email protection from your local appliance to our hosted service without interruption when and if you need it. Red Condor’s revolutionary Vx Technology™ provides fail-safe redundant operation of MAG-series network appliances – even if those devices are off-line due to overwhelming attack, network issues, power failure, or any other unexpected problems.

Email Appliances, Antispam Appliances

The Red Condor MAG (Message Assurance Gateway) Network Appliance blocks spam, viruses, spyware, phishing schemes, and other malicious email content before it reaches your mail server. The antispam appliance also provides a network perimeter defense system that protects your servers and network resources against the burden of denial of service or directory harvest attacks. In addition, what further separates Red Condor’s spam filter appliances from other email security appliances on the market is our proprietary Vx Technology, which integrates a local email appliance with cloud-based Hosted service.

Red Condor currently offers five spam filtering appliance models that meet a variety of different customer needs. The email appliance models include the MAG2000, MAG2500, MAG2600, MAG2700, MAG3000, and the MAG4000, which can manage more than 20,000 mailboxes, and is scalable to hundreds of thousands of mailboxes when configured in a clustered multi-appliance architecture. According to third-party reviews (.pdf) of the MAG email appliance, the system has built-in zero tolerance for lost email, a near zero false-positive rate and consistently achieves long-term spam-block rates greater than 99.991%. You can have confidence that our email security appliance performs as advertised.

Key benefits of the MAG Antispam Appliance series include:

  • Next generation, award-winning spam filtering appliance sets a new standard for effectiveness and performance
  • The lowest cost of ownership – our antispam appliance delivers huge cost savings in administration, management, productivity, bandwidth savings, and more.
  • Red Condor’s hybrid solution – the only true hybrid on the market – is its failover technology. Click here to learn more about this revolutionary technology.
  • Standalone spam filter appliance that works without the need for software to be installed or updated on other servers or client computers
  • Compatible with all email servers, systems, and client software
  • Configurable in a cluster to support large enterprises with localized protection of email systems and users
  • All email appliances are fully managed devices, proactively monitored and maintained by Red Condor technicians around-the-clock

Hosted Spam Filtering

Hosted ServiceIf you are a small business with a small IT team or you just prefer your email spam filtering service to be hosted or cloud-based, Red Condor’s Hosted Service is the easiest and most powerful email spam filtering service available. With Red Condor’s hosted antispam service, we do all the work for you, and there’s nothing to install, maintain, or service. Our award-winning hosted spam filtering blocks spam, viruses, phishing schemes, offensive content, hacking attacks, and other threats.

How does Red Condor’s email spam filter service work? You simply redirect your email – your MX records – to our servers, and our hosted antispam service filters your email before passing the good mail on to you. We go out of our way to make sure that any legitimate emails (known as false positives) don’t get accidentally marked as spam, so you don’t have to worry about losing important email.

Key benefits of Red Condor’s email spam filter service include:

  • Next generation, award-winning hosted spam filtering technology sets a new standard for effectiveness and performance
  • No software or hardware to install; cloud-based
  • No filter tuning required; zero administration
  • Fully managed support from Red Condor’s Security Operations Center, which is staffed around the clock with email experts and security specialists
  • Inbound and outbound filtering options
  • Fully redundant system backed up with multiple data centers
  • Backup email spooling for up to 96 hours to prevent any loss of email

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