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Don’t rely on legacy tape technology for data archiving
While small to medium-sized businesses (SMB/SME) face escalating data storage and data archiving demands, it’s important to recognize there is far more involved with safely and securely archiving an organization’s critical data than deploying standard server backup and recovery methods using conventional disk archiving technology.

Achieving sound and secure archive operations today requires advanced technologies that provide system intelligence concerning backup specifications, policies and history. This includes secure offsite storage, immediate access to file-level data, file-version control, hierarchical storage management, audit trails and priority-based protection. Standard backup and recovery offerings fall well short when it comes to meeting such needs.

Archiving with Revinetix
Revinetix provides you with full control of your organization’s critical data through advanced data protection software and reliable Disk2Disk2Disk® technology. A key differentiator of Revinetix is the deployment of hot-swappable SATA archive disks that can be removed from the appliance and safely stored offsite. And with our 256-bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) MIL SPEC encryption, you will know your data is secure when transporting for offsite disaster recovery protection.

One of our “hot-buttons” concerning data archiving is the still-common use of legacy tape technology for archiving. Are you prepared to rest your organization’s critical data on a 30% data retrieval success rate in the event of data loss? We think you can do better.

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Enterprise-class disk backup appliances include byte-level replication and deduplication, with support for every major operating system

And with capacity licensing, Revinetix provides the lowest TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) complete data protection to small and medium-sized businesses, school districts, colleges, universities, banks and credit unions with innovative data protection software with cutting-edge technology, including data deduplication and remote replication – fully integrated with best-of-class, disk-based server backup appliance hardware. The result is a turn-key “All-In-One” backup appliance that comes installed, configured and ready for seamless deployment within your existing IT infrastructure.

Revinetix believes backup software should not only be full-featured, but simple-to-use and affordable to own. The RevOS® software is so intuitive that a novice user can setup the appliance in less than an hour and begin taking advantage of enterprise-class data protection.

Sentio™ – Rack Mount Data Protection Appliance
For optimal performance and reliability, Revinetix data protection solutions are built around the industry’s latest and finest hardware technology. Revinetix’ Sentio Series come in 1U, 2U, 2U-HD, 4U-HD and 8U-HD rack-mount chassis to support storage capacities ranging from 500GB (Gigabytes) to 70TB. And with Revinetix D2D2D® (Disk2Disk2Disk®) archive to disk technology, disaster recovery protection is accomplished with disk backup archives.

Enterprise-Class Features
The Sentio™ series of network attached backup appliance solutions are designed for SMB/SME, Education and Government. The Disk2Disk2Disk® disk-based appliance is an “All-In-One” backup solution with RevOS® software and scalable hardware.

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